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TBI + Concussion Support Groups and Resources

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Brain Injury Association of America | Headway Brain Injury Association UK | International Brain Injury Association | Brain Injury Resource Center | TBI BridgeTraumaticBrainInjury.com | Flint Rehab |
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Support Groups on Facebook (top-rated *****)



***** Hope After Head Injury Support Group


There is always hope.

Living with brain injury can be very scary when you’re stuck in the middle of confusion, you feel like nobody understands, and you don’t know what to do.  But you don’t have to fight this battle alone.  There are millions of people that have experienced brain injury and understand what you are going through.  Get connected and be encouraged – you are not alone! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hopeafterheadinjury) – This is the official support group for Hope After Head Injury. [https://www.hopeafterheadinjury.com/ – ]
All are welcome to join for hope & support after any sort of brain injury. 🙂


***** BRAIN INJURY UNFILTERED / TBI & PCS Survivors , click here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1909226822427951/

This is a group for survivors of various brain injuries to vent, share about life, question things… and be free to do so, even if it is NOT politically correct or might cause someone to be offended.


***** LOVE YOUR BRAIN  click here – http://facebook.com/loveyourbrainfoundation


***** Traumatic or Acquired Brain Injury Support Group – n Facebook

click here – http://facebook.com/groups/6367734334


***** Traumatic Brain Injury Support Grouphttp://facebook.com/TraumaticBrain-Injury-Support-Group-180684948672011 


***** TBI Hope and Inspirationhttp://facebook.com/tbihopeandinspiration


***** Traumatic Brain Injury Healing and Recovering Support Group: http://facebook.com/groups/186712754690242


***** Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness and Support:

click here – http://facebook.com/groups/traumaticbraininjuryawareness 

Concussions …

There are many online support groups for people who have had concussions or post-concussion syndrome. These groups can offer emotional support, information, and advice from others who have gone through similar experiences. Some of the online support groups that I found are:

  • Post Concussion Syndrome Support Group: This is a Facebook group with over 10,000 members who share their stories, questions, and resources about concussions and post-concussion syndrome. You need to apply to join the group and answer a few questions.
  • Concussion subreddit: This is a Reddit forum where you can read and post comments about concussions and related topics. You can also find links to other subreddits, such as post-concussion syndrome and TBI (traumatic brain injury).
  • PINK Concussions: This is an organization that focuses on the needs of women and girls with brain injuries, including concussions. They have 14 online support groups for different categories of members, such as women over 25, BIPOC, veterans, caregivers, and clinicians.

These are just some examples of online support groups that you can explore. You can also search for local or in-person support groups in your area by contacting the [Brain Injury Alliance] or the [National Association of State Head Injury Administrators].



Additional Brain Injury Contact Pages,

Facebook pages for Support Organizations, local, Int.



Brian Injury Association of North Carolina

BIANC strives to create a better future for the approximately 188,000 North Carolinians living with brain injury through prevention, support, education, and advocacy programs.


There are many Twitter accounts that support TBI survivors and caregivers. Here are a few that you might find helpful:

  1. @BrainInjuryCA – Brain Injury Canada is a national charitable organization that advocates for individuals living with the effects of brain injury and their families.
  2. @BrainLine – BrainLine is a national multimedia project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI.
  3. @HopeAfterTBI – Hope After TBI is a non-profit organization that provides support, resources, and education for TBI survivors and their families.
  4. @TBINetwork – The TBI Network is a non-profit organization that provides education and support for TBI survivors, their families, and caregivers.
  5. @TheCTFOfficial – The Concussion Legacy Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more out there. You can also search for hashtags like #TBI, #braininjury, and #braininjuryawareness to find more accounts and resources.


Brain Injury Canada

Brain Injury Canada was established July 2003 in Montreal, Quebec with members who are survivors of brain injuries from across Canada.

Their mandate is dedicated to facilitate post-trauma research, education and advocacy in partnership with national, provincial/territorial and regional associations and other stakeholders.


Brain Injury Association of Michigan

The Brain Injury Association of Michigan is a non-profit 501organization that serves as the critical link between those living with a brain injury, their families and the nation’s largest, most comprehensive statewide provider network of brain injury rehabilitation centers anywhere in the United States.




United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum

UKABIF mandate is to provide networking opportunities for professionals and brain injury survivors in the UK.



The Children’s Trust For Children with Brain Injury – Brain Injury Hub


The Brain Injury Hub is developed by The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. Clinicians contribute their knowledge, expertise and experience on working closely with children with a brain injury providing practical tips.




National Association Injured & Disabled Workers

NAIDW was established in 2009 that offers support and financial aid to help injured, disabled workers, and their families navigate difficult insurance industry practices, social security disability, workers’ compensation system and VA benefits!


The Encephalitis Society

The Encephalitis Society provides information and support to people worldwide affected by Encephalitis. They actively promote research and raising awareness of the condition and its consequences.



Brain Injury Services

Founded in 1989, Brain Injury Services helps children and adults with a brain injury build the skills and confidence they need to lead a fulfilling and productive life.



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