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Can a TBI Get Worse Over Time? Recovery Chances from a Head Injury Years Later

Can a TBI get worse over time? The short answer is: yes, it can. Every brain injury is different and even though many secondary effects of a brain injury improve with time, others may linger and interfere with rehabilitation.  Survivors with long-term effects can often present signs of decline in their recovery process. Fortunately, there […]

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Signs of Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury: What to Look for & Why It Matters

Every spinal cord injury and recovery process is unique. This means that it can be hard to spot the signs of recovery from spinal cord injury since every person’s journey is different. Factors like medical history, type of spinal cord injury, level of injury, age, and overall health contribute to recovery speed. With so many […]

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7 Signs of Recovery from Stroke: How to Know When You’re on the Right Track

You’ve probably heard your therapist mention that every stroke is different and therefore every recovery will also be different. This makes it hard to know what to expect on the road to recovery. What does it look like when someone is improving? What does it mean if symptoms regress? Are there any signs of recovery […]

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Clues About Concussions From the Gut

Signs of concussion may be found in the gut, a new study reports. Researchers found a correlation between traumatic brain injury proteins in the blood and one brain injury-linked bacteria in stool samples.

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One in Four Children with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Suffer from Post-Concussive Symptoms

Israeli study finds that one in four children with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) suffer from persistent post-concussive symptoms In a large multi-center retrospective matched cohort study, Israeli scientists recently found that one in four children (25.3%) who have been discharged from the emergency room after a mild head injury suffered from persistent post- concussive […]

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