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The Unseen Impact of TBI on the Brainy

Watch how one family’s tragedy is helping researchers understand the degenerative changes that can happen after traumatic brain injury.

After recovering from a serious head injury as a young child, Matthew Dahl had a happy and healthy childhood. Then, at 19, he began a five-year struggle with what was diagnosed as depression, and ultimately took his own life, insisting something wasn’t right with his brain.

Matt’s parents, Bob and Linda, wanted answers after his death. At their request, Dirk Keene, MD, PhD, director of the University of Washington BRaIN Lab, accepted Matt’s brain for examination. Find out what the team discovered and how it’s helping neuroscientists better understand how these brain injuries happen, how they progress and what can be done to prevent some of the long-term consequences of TBI.

Learn more about Matt’s story and the groundbreaking work that Dr. Keene and his team are doing to better understand the effects of TBI: https://www.acceleratemed.org/stories/the-tragedy-and-promise-of-matts-brain

Help the UW BRaIN Lab advance TBI research through your generosity: https://online.gifts.washington.edu/peer2peer/Campaign/brain

Learn more about the work of the UW Biorepository and Integrated Neuropathology (BRaIN) Laboratory: https://dlmp.uw.edu/research-labs/keene/BRaIN-lab

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