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Home Remedies for Head Injury: 10 Effective Ways to Heal the Brain Naturally

After a brain injury, survivors may experience a variety of lingering secondary effects. While pharmaceutical drugs and/or medical procedures can help treat these effects, there are many home remedies for head injury that are just as effective. The brain has the ability to heal naturally after sustaining trauma with various types of homeopathic remedies. This […]

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The mind gym: five ways to make exercise a pleasure

Feeling unmotivated, tired or discouraged? Sport scientists have tested the best methods for getting out of a slump and back to your personal best For most of my adult life, exercise was an ordeal. Even mild workouts felt gruelling and I left the gym in a fouler mood than when I’d arrived. The very idea […]

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40. Vestibular Rehab + Ways to Improve/Maintain Recovery (with Sonia Vovan, PT)

After a brain injury, the vestibular system can be impacted and cause symptoms such as feeling off-balance, dizziness, vertigo, headaches, vision, and more. So this week we are discussing all things vestibular recovery with Sonia Vovan, PT! Sonia is here to share her expertise and educate us on all things vestibular rehabilitation, focusing on things […]

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