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5. Coping with Brain Injury Anniversary Dates – Survivor, Caregiver, Spouse, & Mother Perspectives

How do we approach brain injury anniversaries? That day can bring up a weird feeling, it can be painful, it can be hard to get through. Each of us will have different experiences with it. Today we will have perspectives from survivors as well as family members. Wherever you are on your journey, my hope […]

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6. Adapting + Adjusting to Life After Brain Injury (Survivor Stories)

Simply put… life is different after brain injury. So what is it like adjusting and adapting to living with symptoms and everything else that comes with having a brain injury? Today you’ll hear from two survivors sharing their stories, and how they have been learning to live in the “new normal”. My hope is that […]

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53. Take Control of Your Recovery (Survivor Story with Nick Krantz)

After 17+ concussions, Nick Krantz found himself at the end of his rope, having been told by many medical professionals that there wasn’t really anything he could do, and he would just have to live with the symptoms. It was then that he discovered that there is so much more to brain injury recovery than […]

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51. Survivor Self-Worth + Cristabelle's Mental Health Journey

How can the “invisible” injury affect our self worth? Survivors often don’t realize their own identity as separate from their brain injury. Living with symptoms for so long can take a toll on mental health. It’s also easy to take in how other people view the “invisible” injury and let it negatively impact how we […]

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