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11. The Vestibular System and Brain Injury (with Dr. Jeremy Schmoe)

What is the vestibular system? How does it affect brain injury survivors? What symptoms can be caused by dysfunction of this system? Today, Dr. Jeremy Schmoe is here to answer these questions and so much more. Next week, Dr. Schmoe will be back to continue this conversation & talk about Dysautonomia. Season 1 – Episode […]

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12. Dysautonomia – How Autonomic Nervous System is Affected by Brain Injury & Concussions (with Dr. Jeremy Schmoe)

What is dysautonomia? How is it related to brain injury? How do you know if you have it? How is it treated?   Today, Dr. Jeremy Schmoe is back for a follow-up on last week’s episode on the vestibular system, to dig even further into some of the ways that autonomics can be affected by […]

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