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Damage to Broca’s Area: Causes, Symptoms, & Rehabilitation Process

Damage to Broca’s area, a small region located in the frontal lobe, can lead to a speech disorder known as Broca’s aphasia or expressive aphasia. Individuals with Broca’s aphasia have difficulty forming words and producing speech but do not struggle with comprehension. The severity of aphasia depends on the severity of the injury to the […]

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Understanding Pontine Stroke: Looking at the Symptoms, Effects, & Recovery Process

The pons is the largest component of the brain stem. When blood flow to the pons becomes interrupted, it causes a pontine stroke or pons stroke. When the disruption is caused by a blood clot in particular, it’s referred to as a pontine infarction or pontine infarct. As signals responsible for the body’s motor control […]

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How Is a Stroke Diagnosed? Understanding the Evaluation Process

Because a stroke is complex and multi-faceted, individuals may wonder, how is a stroke diagnosed? Learning how a stroke is diagnosed can help you and your loved ones understand what is happening in the hospital in the case of an event. This article will discuss the potential exams used to diagnose a stroke, the early […]

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