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Some Types of Stress Could Be Good for Brain Functioning

Low to moderate stress can help build resilience and may reduce the risk of developing more serious mental health disorders including depression and anti-social behavior, a new study reports.

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Nanomagnets Can Choose a Wine, and Could Slake AI’s Thirst for Energy

A new artificial neural network aced a wine tasting test and promises a less energy-hungry version of artificial intelligence, researchers report.

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Novel Preclinical Drug Could Have Potential to Combat Depression, Brain Injury, and Cognitive Disorders

. A preclinical drug that inhibits the kinase enzyme Cdk5 may have the potential to treat depression, brain injuries, and disorders associated with cognitive impairment. Source: University of Alabama Birmingham James Bibb, Ph.D., and colleagues have described a novel preclinical drug that could have the potential to combat depression, brain injury and diseases that impair cognition. […]

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Head Injuries Could Be a Risk Factor for Developing Brain Cancer

Traumatic brain injuries may increase the risk of developing glioma brain cancer later in life, researchers report. The study found brain injury caused specific genetic mutations to synergize with inflammation, making brain cells more likely to become cancerous. [ Click on the image above to read the complete article]

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