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Communication and Cognition after Brain Injury (Podcast with Katherine Noyes)

Communication is so important to our world, but it can be drastically affected for brain injury survivors. Difficulties include word finding, forming ideas, expressing oneself, understanding nonverbal cues, and more… so let’s work to understand this deeper and talk about some tips that can help!

Today we are diving into the connection between communication and cognition, and how this can be affected after brain injury. Katherine Noyes is a Speech Language Pathologist who is here to guide us in learning tools for improvement for executive functioning and communication. We also discuss tips for family/caregivers to help the survivor get their goal of communication across, as well as the non-verbal side of social cues, difficulty understanding sarcasm, and more.

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0:00 Intro

2:00 10 Years

7:05 Introducing Katherine

10:15 Communication & Cognition

15:00 SLP / After Brain Injury

22:05 Tools for Improvement

28:55 Routine as a Strategy

33:05 Word Finding / Goal of Communication

36:05 How Family/Caregivers can Help

39:50 Difficulty with Social Cues / Sarcasm

48:35 Words of Hope

Connect with Katherine: @lotus_slp or lotusslp.com


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