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Understanding Your Prognosis After Stroke: Factors That Affect Recoverability

Every stroke prognosis is different because every stroke is different. While doctors and therapists cannot provide an exact prognosis, there are some statistics, patterns, and timelines that can provide a general idea of what to expect. If you or a loved one have recently experienced a stroke, talk to your medical team about your prognosis. […]

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Perception Depends on Whether You Are Looking Up or Down

The intensity of perceptual bias in specific views depends upon posture and the position of your neck, a new study reveals.

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Balance Exercises For Stroke Patients

Balance exercises for stroke patients are critical for improving walking confidence and returning to normal life What is Balance? Balance is the ability to maintain the center of mass (the body) within the base of support (the feet). Balance is also the ability of the ankles and hips to perform quick, automatic reactions when the […]

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