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Can Listening to the Beatles Improve Your Memory? New Research Says Music Just Might Stir the Brain

Listening to your favorite music increases connectivity in the brain, especially for older people. Researchers said music appears to bridge the gap between the auditory system and the reward system in the brain.

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11. The Vestibular System and Brain Injury (with Dr. Jeremy Schmoe)

What is the vestibular system? How does it affect brain injury survivors? What symptoms can be caused by dysfunction of this system? Today, Dr. Jeremy Schmoe is here to answer these questions and so much more. Next week, Dr. Schmoe will be back to continue this conversation & talk about Dysautonomia. Season 1 – Episode […]

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53. Take Control of Your Recovery (Survivor Story with Nick Krantz)

After 17+ concussions, Nick Krantz found himself at the end of his rope, having been told by many medical professionals that there wasn’t really anything he could do, and he would just have to live with the symptoms. It was then that he discovered that there is so much more to brain injury recovery than […]

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Head Injuries Could Be a Risk Factor for Developing Brain Cancer

Traumatic brain injuries may increase the risk of developing glioma brain cancer later in life, researchers report. The study found brain injury caused specific genetic mutations to synergize with inflammation, making brain cells more likely to become cancerous. [ Click on the image above to read the complete article]

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