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Acquired Brain Injury: Understanding the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

An acquired brain injury may occur after birth for a variety of reasons, including stroke, TBI, or infectious disease. Depending on the severity and location of the acquired brain injury, individuals may experience physical, cognitive, and/or emotional effects. Fortunately, many effects can be improved with a combination of different treatments, such as therapy and medication. […]

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Home Remedies for Head Injury: 10 Effective Ways to Heal the Brain Naturally

After a brain injury, survivors may experience a variety of lingering secondary effects. While pharmaceutical drugs and/or medical procedures can help treat these effects, there are many home remedies for head injury that are just as effective. The brain has the ability to heal naturally after sustaining trauma with various types of homeopathic remedies. This […]

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47. Survivor/Caregiver Partnership and Communication (with Drew and Terry Niemann)

Let’s talk about effective communication between survivors and family caregivers at home! This week, married couple and survivor/caregiver duo Terry & Drew Niemann are here to inspire us and talk about some of the challenges and lessons learned on their journey. We also discuss mental health, depression, mindfulness, and the importance of communication from both […]

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