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Higher Voice Pitch Lets Female Faces Appear Younger

Higher pitched voices in women influence how their faces are evaluated, researchers report. The faces of women with higher-pitched voices were perceived as being younger. However, researchers found no evidence of a link between vocal pitch or perceptions of facial attractiveness, health, or femininity.

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15 Foods that Help Stroke Recovery: What to Include and Avoid in Your Diet

Knowing the best foods that help stroke recovery can help you create a diet rich in brain-healthy foods. For some guidance, we’ve composed a list of food for stroke patients that provide a variety of benefits, all backed by clinical evidence. There are also lots of fruits on the list because they are rich sources […]

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Cervical Spinal Cord Injury: What to Expect At Each Level of Injury

A cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) is a serious, life-threatening emergency that can cause paralysis and loss of sensation throughout the entire body. Depending on the level and severity of a cervical spinal cord injury, it can affect major body functions like breathing and mobility from your neck down. This article will help you understand […]

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45. Uncovering your Personal Path to Recovery (Dr. Molly Parker)

While each brain injury is unique, there are things we can do to treat it – as you find what works on your personal path of recovery. Dr. Molly Parker shares her personal concussion experience, including advice for work/life/symptom balance, routine, and boundaries. Then, we dive into the different types/sub-types of concussions, understanding your individual […]

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