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No Pain, No Gain? How the Brain Chooses Between Pain and Profit

The ventral striatum plays a crucial role when it comes to choices about future pain versus future profit.

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Introducing a Protocol for Using Robotic Pets in Memory Care

The benefits of animal therapy for memory and mental health are well documented. Some agencies are using realistic robotic pets as a therapeutic tool for memory care in older adults. Now, researchers have developed a new protocol for the use of robotic animals to aid in memory care.

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19 Helpful Gifts for Stroke Patients that Improve Recovery

Below you’ll find a roundup of the best gifts for stroke patients — from stocking stuffers to meaningful, premium gadgets. Whether you’re shopping for someone’s birthday or getting a (really) early start on Christmas shopping, these stroke recovery gifts are guaranteed to please. We’ll start with small gifts that show appreciation without breaking the bank. […]

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Numbness & Tingling After Spinal Cord Injury: What It Means & How to Promote Recovery

After a spinal cord injury, survivors may experience changes in sensation such as numbness and/or tingling below the level of injury. While this can raise concern, tingling after a spinal cord injury can sometimes be a sign of recovery. Changes in sensation should be taken seriously though, because numbness or tingling in the body can […]

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