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Engineered Mattress Tricks Your Body to Fall Asleep Faster

A new pillow and mattress system stimulates the body to trigger sleepy feelings by using heating and cooling sensations. Researchers say the new system helps people fall asleep faster and improves the quality of overall sleep.

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A Genetic Architecture Underlying Alcohol and Cigarette Abuse

Genes associated with alcohol and smoking addiction are over-represented in specific neurons, a new study reports. Researchers found genes associated with smoking were also linked to pain perception and food response while genes linked to alcohol addiction were associated with stress and learning.

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51. Survivor Self-Worth + Cristabelle's Mental Health Journey

How can the “invisible” injury affect our self worth? Survivors often don’t realize their own identity as separate from their brain injury. Living with symptoms for so long can take a toll on mental health. It’s also easy to take in how other people view the “invisible” injury and let it negatively impact how we […]

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