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Detection of Pitch Errors in Well-Known Songs

A song’s lyrics have an effect on our ability to process musical pitch, but not necessarily due to the meaningfulness of the words.

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43. The Importance of Brain Injury Awareness (Cristabelle Braden)

Brain Injuries are invisible. You can’t see them on the outside, and that’s one of the reasons awareness is so important. They can be overlooked, misdiagnosed, or mistreated, and survivors feel the burden.  This week, Cristabelle shares some of her personal brain injury story, and how she has seen awareness improve over the last decade […]

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Spinal Cord Injury Levels: A Complete Overview

The level of a spinal cord injury refers to the lowest region of the spinal cord where normal motor control and sensation exist. Knowing one’s level of injury will help individuals determine what functions may be affected after an injury. To help you understand each of the spinal cord injury levels, this article will discuss: […]

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