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Applying Creativity to Brain Injury Recovery (Podcast with Ali Rheaume)

What does it mean to have a creative mindset – and how can it help recovery? Let’s talk about it!

This week Cristabelle is joined by fellow survivor Ali Rheaume to discuss the benefits of creativity, and how having a creative mindset can aid in adaptability. This is an encouraging episode full of practical tips and application points!

Ali will also share how incorporating creativity in rehabilitation helped her go from a 10% functioning level and nonverbal after TBI to where she is today! Creative activities can help with learning skills post-TBI like trying new things, expressing emotions, and coping with change.

Applying Creativity to Brain Injury Recovery (with Ali Rheaume)


0:00 Intro

2:25 Cristabelle: Applying Creativity

10:35 Introducing Ali

13:25 Ali’s TBI Story

20:50 Creative Mindset in Recovery

23:30 Planning, Pacing, & Balance

28:05 Benefits of Creativity Post-TBI

32:40 Tips for Trying Something New

36:50 Creative Mindset Helps us Cope

29:30 Words of Hope


Connect with Ali on IG: @alison.rheaume ; @embracingunique

Register for Ali’s BIAA webinar: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4100996272117241867

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Thank you to Council on Brain Injury for supporting this podcast by providing a microphone as part of their grant program to the brain injury community. Check out the amazing work done by CoBI at: councilonbraininjury.com

This podcast is for education and informational purposes only, and not intended for medical advice. If you need specific medical advice, please consult your physician.

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