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2 wéeks after Trauma Center, 2nd Concussion After TBI

  • ⊗It has been a couple weeks since I split open the back of my head in my own living room and had an ambulance take me to the trauma center.

It’s not my first time in a trauma unit of the hospital. I was shot in the head and neck in my early twenties about four decades ago. After a coma any long rehab I was released in the wheelchair and soon after was walking with a quad cane and then regular cane. Left with hemiparesis and subsequent drop foot, spasticity of course but later in life developing neuropathy. It was the neuropathy because the most pain and preventing me from working their 50 or 60 hours I wanted to as an engineer which I had worked at for over 25 years before going on disability again. I say again because of course in the coma and in the hospital for 7 months when I was in my early twenties the government has a program for Social Security disability to help a family and I had a few to take care of.

LLong story there but the focus here is on the current concussion at 61 years old. I just had the Staples removed from the back of my head on Wednesday or 4 days ago from this post.

II’ve I’ve never really experienced in my head what people call a headache or painful. Although I do get sensations and pulsing once in awhile. I guess those are headaches but probably not migraines or something like some people get that stop them from activities. however in this last day in the trauma center I experienced interior brain bleeding and they kept me there until they ran a couple of CAT scans and decided I could go home cuz I was stable but I have to follow up with a CAT scan afterwards and follow up from a Neurologist or neurosurgeon or something. 


I’m writing this now not because I have any serious signs other than weakness and balance issues which I normally have anyway during the cold seasons with the hemiparesis, but because I’m not sure what the future may hold. Also I was talking to a man with another brain issue or in his case Parkinson’s disease and he is a person of faith and can quote Bible sections and look up relative scripture in a discussion with other adults in a Christian atmosphere. I was surprised at this since he had just recently talked openly about what the doctors told him about his mind and how he would not even recognize his children or his wife in about 5 years or so. My curiosity was with the dementia part of it of course as people with concussions are at a higher risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia issues but questioning this I see religious leaders living long healthy life and still being productive even until they’re 90s. I know a couple who do world traveling and still preach in different languages around the world, amazing and I was looking for the relationship between faith prayer and the mind or brain injuries or illnesses. There is some research in this field and of course you really can’t get a large population those sampling for many many years but there is always seem to be breakthroughs coming in the science field and this is an area where I would like to help people keep their minds and know their families and loved ones and memories for their entire life not just because of the rest from dementia in Parkinson’s disease but also many of us as myself who had tbis concussions or mtbi.







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